XtremepowerUS Electric Small Mini Portable Compact Washing Machine Review

XtremepowerUS Electric Small Mini Portable Compact Washer Washing MachineI simply love the way this portable washing machine works. It has wiped off the daily struggles of washing clothes and has made my job really easy. I stay alone in my flat. I have recently shifted to U.S for my job. It has been around six months that I am staying here all alone without my parents. I not only miss them, but also miss the washing machine! It is really tiring to cook food and wash the clothes after coming back from office. I mean 90 percent of my energy already gets drained once the office hours are over and then doing the household work is exasperating.

From the past six months I have been struggling a lot. Thankfully I have helpful neighbors who recommended me to buy the portable washing machines. I was initially confused because I could never thing of a washing machine being portable! But then when they showed me on the net, I was like “Yes! I got the solution”. I asked them suggest me a reliable online shopping site and most of them said that Amazon is the preferred site.

On time delivery

Amazon was stocked with different types of portable washing machines. I mean there were too many options and this made me confused. So, I started reading the top reviews and then I finally landed on this product. The XtremepowerUS washing machine had a nice, compact look. I liked the color too (blue is my favorite color). The price was surprisingly affordable. It was just $85! The reviews were very positive and I was sure that this will be the right choice for my apartment.

I quickly ordered the product. Within three days I got the washing machine. The packaging was impressive too.

Favorite features

The portable washing machine looked like an exotic bucket. No one can identify this as a washing machine unless someone goes near to this product. To be true, the manual was not of any help. The instructions were not clear enough. Now let’s talk about the features-

  • The first feature was the weight of the machine. It weighs only 10 pounds! You can carry this mini washing machine to any part of your house. You can keep it in your kitchen also if you want!
  • If you are wondering that operating this machine will be a little hard, then you are absolutely wrong. Although the manual is not helpful, you can easily operate the machine. All you need to do is set the timer and press the switch that’s it! It is just like operating a television (the only difference is there is no remote!).
  • I regularly wash around 6-7 clothes of mine. This includes one pant, two shirts, handkerchief, socks, and undergarments. I do not add more than 1 tsp. of detergent in the washer. It has its own water inlet and a drainage hose. If the inlet does not fit to your tap then you may directly pour the water as per marked level.

Do not expect to wash a blanket

Please remember that this is a portable washing machine. Considering the size of this machine, you can only use it for light laundry purpose. Do not squeeze a blanket in it. If you try to do so, the washer may encounter a glitch. Please use it as mentioned. Also, do not exceed the number of clothes.

I visit the laundry once a month

Since my regular washing is done with the help of this super smart washing machine, I visit the laundry just once a month to wash heavy clothes. It is okay to spend $10 once a month at the laundry rather than spending it every week. Winter clothes cannot be washed in the portable washing machine. So it is best to either wash it by hands or visit the laundry.

I will recommend this product to everyone. It has seriously helped me a lot. I just have to cook now as the trouble of washing no more bothers me. If you want to wash the light clothes at an affordable price then grab the XtremepowerUS portable washing machine. I am sure you will like the product.


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