Wonder Washer As Seen On TV Review

Wonder WasherI would say that it feels wonderful with wonder washer! It is has become my best friend rather. It is so light in weight and efficient that you don’t have to worry about your clothes anymore. I live alone in a small apartment. The apartment is provided by my office. I really feel home sick at times but it is only once in one year I can meet my parents. I get no time to either watch television or do other household work (like washing clothes!). Coming to clothes, it is necessary to keep the clothes neat and clean. You can’t stock it for weeks and wait for the release of the foul smell coming out of your clothes! It doesn’t take much time to clean my room (because my apartment is only 650 sq. feet).

Washing the clothes is definitely tiresome and time consuming. You need to soak the clothes for about 10-15 minutes and then start washing, then rinsing and finally wring it! Phew! I had to go to the laundry every week and spend $15. This was really expensive and it was bothersome for me to visit laundry every Sunday. This is the only relaxing day for me, but still I was loaded with work!

I took a right choice

Frustrated from the daily struggles, I had to find a remedy. I searched the net for a low budget washing machine. I somewhat knew that it would cost above $100 and I was ready to spend knowing my predicament. As usual I could see Amazon topping the list. I quickly visited the page and saw that there were several portable washing machines available above $100. What shocked me was that there were machines below $100 too! I couldn’t wait to go through the features and reviews. After a thorough research I decided to buy the wonder washer. The reviews were positive and the features matched my needs!

Small, sturdy and compact

I was not ready to buy the big washing machines as it was out of my budget and at the same time would have occupied a lot of space. So, this was the best deal I could ever have. I ordered the product at once and it got delivered in just three days.

When I unboxed it, the machine looked like a small bucket. Weighing just 8 pounds, I could lift it easily and transfer it to any part of my house! In case you don’t want the machine in your washroom, you can always keep it in the storeroom when not in use. This will keep the machine in a better condition. There is a timer available at the bottom of the washer. It has 5 options to set the time. These are 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 minutes.

How many clothes do I wash daily?

I wash my clothes in a two way cycle. First is in the morning and then in the evening. In the morning I wash the undergarments, socks, handkerchiefs, tie, hand towel and a t-shirt. I set the timer to 9 minutes. Once the washing is done, I add fresh water in the washing machine and let it run for 3 minutes more. This is basically done to remove the extra soap. You may do it by your hand too.

In the evening, I wash my shirt and pant. These are bigger in size and so I do not I add any other garments in the washer.

Any cons?

I got this machine for $70 only. Hence the feature is restricted to only washing the clothes. Considering the price, I don’t think that it could have added any other feature. The only thing I wished was the spinning cycle. I need to wring it (which is okay). At least I don’t have to waste time washing the clothes! To be true, I did not find any negative feature about this product. I am happy with what I have got.


It has reduced the biggest burden from my shoulders. I will definitely advice everyone to grab this portable washing machine. It is light in weight and has the full potential to do the work efficiently. Thanks a lot Amazon for offering me this awesome deal.

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