EZYWASH Portable Single Tub Washer Review

Portable Single Tub Washing Machine EZYWASH by BaseCamp Mr. Heater F235883 I would say that this machine is not only budget friendly, but also efficient at the same time. I live alone in my apartment. It is at times exciting to live alone, but at times frustrating too. My parents stay miles away and I meet them once in a year. I am basically living separately because of my job. Now, you know how 9-7 jobs are! It is hectic. On top of that when you see your room messed up, you feel like scratching your head or staying at your friends place. Well I did stay at my friend’s place at times, but this cannot be changed into a habit.

When I see dirty clothes screaming at me to wash them, I literally feel like telling them “can’t you walk on your own, get washed and come back to my wardrobe?” I know this was silly, but this is how my mental state was! Finally I decided to get a washing machine. The machine can only fulfill my daily dream and get me out of this trauma. I never had any idea about portable washing machines. It was only through Amazon that I got to know.

Thanks a ton Amazon

Amazon proved to be the friend in need. When I started typing washing machine, I got an option for portable washing machines. I was shocked and happy at the same time. I quickly went through all the washing machines and searched for the best features. I was about to buy the usual washing machine as I did not know that there are portable ones also. However, when I saw that a washing machine can also cost below $160, then I thought that I save a lump sum amount.

After going through all the reviews, the EZYWASH portable washing machine was the right choice for me. The features were pretty good and the price was perfect. I ordered the product and paid via net banking. The product got delivered in just two days.

What did I discover?

  • So, this machine will accommodate around 4-5 clothes. This includes one jeans, one shirt, undergarments and handkerchief. I would like to suggest one thing that, do not try to stuff too many items in the washer. This will be bad for the machine and it may lose its efficiency.
  • Set the timer the way you want. I use it for a minimum of 15 minutes so that my clothes get washed properly. It has a top load system. It is pretty easy to add the clothes in the washer.
  • The drainage hose is of good quality. Remember to let the drainage hose lie on the floor while the washing is in the procedure. This is very important. I am saying this because I once forgot to do so. The first thing you do is keep the drainage hose on the floor and then you can carry on with the washing stuff.
  • It has an inlet pipe too, but it did not match my tap. I pour the water directly in the washer. Again, you need to be careful when you are pouring water. Water should be filled only till the marked point. Do not overfill it.

Any drawback?

I don’t think that there is any drawback about this super cute portable washing machine. The only thing I wanted was the spinning feature. But I feel that it is completely okay. You can wring it. I actually keep the clothes hanging for some time in order to get rid of the excess water.

If you want the spinning feature added then the cost should be around $200 and above. At this price only a washer is available. Spinning was not a big concern for me. I was stressed about washing clothes and this machine does its job perfectly. I am really happy to have this product.


So, if you live alone and you want a mini helping hand to wash the dirtiest clothes then this is the product for you. I want every person to grab this portable washing machine and see how efficiently it works. It has reduced my stress and now I feel on the top of the world!