Sonya Compact Portable Washing Machine Washer Review

Sonya Compact Portable Apartment Small Washing Machine Washer 1.9cuft./15.4lbs/free Casters IncludedI will describe this product in one word and the word is “amazing”. This washing machine has literally coerced me to write the review. I am staying in a rented apartment with my cousin sister. We are basically college students. Now, it is quite evident that students are either burdened with too many exams or pressurized to submit a heap of case studies. We spend around 6 hours in the college and then spend 4 more hours to study at home. This makes us mentally tired and we feel like dozing off. However, here comes the twist. The household work makes us sick! Yes, we just don’t like to wash clothes. Although we have allotted certain duties to each other, we still hate this one thing i.e. washing the clothes.

We jointly made a decision to buy a portable washing machine. Amazon has always been a great help to get genuine products at a reasonable price. We immediately searched the net and we were flooded by a lot of portable washing machine. Some were below $100, whereas others were $200 and above. The ones which were within $200 did not have enough capacity to wash the clothes. Since we were two, we wanted a medium sized portable washing machine.

Sonya, you are the best!

I guess the price is affordable enough if we consider the quality and the features. We ordered the product at once and got the product within three days. We were pretty excited to operate the machine. The manual was helpful and I was all set to use the machine. My cousin was also happy and I could sense that she was relieved when the product arrived (the tension of washing clothes was at bay now!).

I added two of my shirts and her jeans in the washer. This was just a demo. I added just a pinch of detergent in order to see how well the machine works.

The result

I definitely cannot remark anything negative about the result. The result was more than satisfying. All the excess soap was squeezed out and the clothes smelled really good. We don’t have to bother about spinning the clothes. The machine has the dryer facility and is very helpful during rainy seasons. We have been using the machine for quite some time now and life without this machine is troublesome (yes! we are addicted).

Cool features

  • Now this is a heavy machine. It can accommodate clothes of two people and I hope you can understand its capacity. It weighs 68 pounds and we have no problem with this till the times we get clean clothes. Had it been for single use, I would have purchased a different model. Still I feel that this is the best buy if you don’t want to visit the laundry and spend $15 there!
  • It has two inlets. If you want the clothes to be washed in warm water then you can use the red inlet, while the other inlet is for cold water. We use both the inlets to wash the clothes in the best way possible.
  • It has a transparent lid. You can see everything happening inside the washer!
  • We were also provided a stand to keep the machine in the best way possible. The stand has wheels too. In case you want to shift the machine from one end to the other, you can always do that. This makes the portability easier.
  • The drainage hose is made up of good quality. There were other washing machines that did not have a good drainage hose (as per the reviews).
  • You can easily wash around 12-15 clothes at a time. This includes towels, jeans, shirts, t-shirts and even the small items. It is basically a sturdy machine and works very efficiently. You may also use liquid detergent to wash clothes.


I recommend this product to every individual. I am saying this from my heart as we are actually relieved from the big burden. Stop spending money at the laundry when Amazon is offering such an awesome deal! I got this product on sale and I saved $50. I hope you save the same. Grab this offer soon!

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