Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine with Spin Dryer Review

Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine(6-7lbs Capacity) with Spin DryerTo be frank, this washing machine is my first love. It has reduced 60 percent burden from my shoulders. I am basically a student staying far away from my home. I stay alone in my apartment and you know how an apartment looks like when a person stays alone! Well, I am not talking about the organized people, but yes the ones who are like me! I hardly get time to cook at my apartment as the college burdens me with too much of responsibilities. My parents get really concerned about me, but there is hardly anything they can do about it. I definitely can’t leave my studies and get back home.

Clothes are something I love to wear, but hate to wash! I mean who has got so much of time to wash the clothes with all those detergent sticking on your body? Plus cooking is again a pain. If I spend my time doing all these then I am sure that I will fail to meet the deadlines of my college. Initially I had to suffer a lot because of this but I had to find a solution soon.

Budget friendly solution

So, the solution was the portable washing machine. I never thought that a washing machine can be portable! Amazon helped me to find one of the most efficient washing machines in my budget. Usually the washing machines cost a fortune. I definitely did not want to spend so much of money just on a washing machine. Plus, I was the only person living in my apartment and there would not be too many clothes to wash. On an average I was around 4-5 clothes daily. So, a big washing machine is of no use to me.

There were cheaper models available but I also wanted a quality product. This is the reason that I landed to the Panda compact portable washing machine.

Light weight

I quickly ordered the product and it was right in my apartment within three days. I was excited to use the washing machine. Any product that has a portable feature should always be light weight. The first thing I noticed is that the washing machine is light in weight. As mentioned on Amazon, this machine is just 28 lbs. I think it is good enough for anyone who is living alone and wants a partner to help wash the clothes!

Washing and spinning

I tried to wash my tee without using any detergent. I set the timer for 3 minutes (just tried as a demo) and washed it. Then I had to transfer the tee to the other side for spinning. Although I was a little worried about the whole scenario, I was relaxed by the outcome. My tee was washed well and it was 70 percent dry.

The next day I tried washing my socks, tee, jeans, handkerchiefs and a night suit. This time I used only a teaspoon of detergent. I was really happy to see my clothes being cleaned without the help of my hand!

Just one drawback

I would like to add one drawback about this portable washing machine. Well, it might not be a big issue but since I am writing a review it is my duty to right both pros and cons. So, the spin dryer is not big enough to fit 6-7 clothes at a time. Don’t try to squeeze in as you may encounter a glitch. Go as per instructed. Do not try and overload it.

This is the only drawback according to me. I don’t think that it should bother you much considering the other great features.

Keep the machine dry

If you are not using the machine then please keep the spin dryer and the washer open. This will help in evaporating the excess water sticking to the sides. This will also avoid the pungent smell created inside the washer and the dryer.

I will recommend this product to every single individual. Panda really rocks. I can concentrate on my studies rather than pondering about washing clothes! My clothes feel fresh and this makes me feel really happy. Thanks a lot Amazon for providing me such a wonderful product.

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