Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine Pan30 Drain By Gravity Review

Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine Pan30 Drain By GravityPanda has proved its brand. I am not much into writing reviews, but I was rather compelled to write because of such a great servicing! The portable washing machine has hit the bull’s eye. Be it the price, quality or the features, everything is just perfect. I wanted to gift a portable washing machine to my cousin. She recently gave birth to a baby girl. I mean there are so many clothes to wash every now and then. I literally get shocked to see so many clothes going for a wash!

The machine is perfect as it does not occupy much space and can be easily taken to the washroom and back to the store room. I thought that it would be best to gift this machine to her. I did have a budget of $150 but then I added few more dollars to get a better product. There were other machines too, but Panda offered good features and overall it looked sturdy. There were no retail stores that were selling portable washing machines. Plus I wouldn’t have got so many options to choose from. Thus, Amazon was more preferable.

My cousin loved it!

When the machine got delivered to my cousin’s house, she simply loved it. At the beginning she was shocked as she never thought that I would gift her washing machine! I quickly asked her to unbox it as I couldn’t wait to use it. Finally I could see the brand new portable machine. The manual was helpful. I read it thoroughly and I was all ready to use the machine.

There were too many small clothes like socks, undergarments, handkerchiefs, etc. It was a total of 15 clothes (these were the baby’s garments). So I attached the inlet hose with the tap and filled water as marked. Then I added a pinch of detergent in it. I finally closed the lid and set the timer to 10 minutes.

The result

The result was pretty amazing. After 10 minutes of wash I transferred the clothes to the spinner. The clothes got semi-dried and it was satisfactory. The clothes were really washed well and I there was no trace of foul smell. Although I knew that the machine will work efficiently (considering the positive reviews), I was a little worried. However, all my worries vanished when I saw the clothes.

Using it for the past one month

I often visit my cousin’s place. I asked for a feedback after one month of usage. She said that the portable washing machine has become her second hand. She doesn’t have to worry about rainy or cloudy days. She uses the machine frequently and still it works efficiently. There have not been any problems encountered as of now. If I ever encounter a problem in a 1 year period, I will definitely upgrade the review.

I think that the machine will go a long way. It is sturdy and really easy to use.

The drainage hose has thin walls

This is the only disadvantage that I would like to highlight. Although there has been no problem during the drainage, still I feel that the hose should have been made up of a stronger material. I feel that it can break anytime, but it didn’t.

This might not be a big issue though, it still should be noticed. If we ignore the hose part and concentrate on how efficiently the portable washing machine washes the cloth then it is a product worth buying.

Price is affordable and the warranty offered is one year. I don’t think that you should go for any other product as Panda is the best. It is stocked with superb features and is light in weight. It is only 28 lbs. It is a mini washing machine that is budget friendly and does your job at the same time.


If you are sick of washing your clothes and want an instant relief then this is the product for you. I recommend this product to everyone. My cousin feels blessed to have this machine by her side. Amazon was a great help. It helped me to find the right product for my cousin.


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