Miniwash+ Portable Automatic Electric Mini Washing Machine Review

Miniwash+ Portable Automatic Electric Mini Washing MachineNever knew that a washing machine under $100 will work so efficiently. Thanks a lot Amazon for making life better and easier. I stay as a paying guest. I am pursuing my post graduate degree and in no way I get time to even watch television. There is too much of syllabus and we get only seven months to complete everything and appear for the exams. At times I skip my meals too to save time. I know this is a kind of torture, but I have my ambition and I will definitely fulfill that.

As I said that I skip meals, it does not hold true in case of washing clothes. It is a must to wash clothes daily as I can’t bear unhygienic stuffs. Every morning I have my classes sharp at 9. In such a case I am compelled to get up at 6 (having only 5 hours sleep, make breakfast, wash clothes, clean the room, study a bit and rush for the classes! This was very hectic for me. Washing clothes was the most time consuming process. So, I decided to shed few dollars from my pocket and take a portable washing machine. I already had some idea about these machines and so, it did not take much time to find the right product.

Great product at just $99!

Amazon has got everything for everyone. It has all the products ranging from lowest to the highest. I feel that it is the most reliable online shopping site where you will be deluged by innumerable products at a great deal. I ordered the portable automatic electric washing machine and it got delivered to my home in just three days (those three days were really painful). The packaging was brilliant. The manual was not that helpful as the machine was very easy to operate. Just a few buttons and you are ready to get clean clothes!

4-5 clothes at a time

Since I am the only person living alone, there are not much clothes that needs to be washed. Hence, this machine is ideal for me. I usually wash inner wears, t-shirts, pajama and maybe 2 handkerchiefs. I never tried to overload this machine because I don’t want its quality to deteriorate. I use just a tsp. of detergent in the washer. The way the machine works shows that how efficient it is.

Automatic rinse

Most of the portable washing machines lack this feature. Automatic rinse is a must to get rid of the extra detergent sticking to the clothes. I really don’t have to wait and press any button for rinsing. Things are done automatically and it really saves my time. Now I wake up at 7 instead of 6. At I no longer have to bother about my clothes.

Light weight

The portable washing machine is just 14 lbs. It looks like a bucket that can be taken rom one of the room to the other! You can actually take it anywhere you want. You can also keep it on the kitchen slab. You need to keep in mind that the drainage hose should be 1-2 feet above the ground. This will help in better draining. Don’t let it lie on the floor without maintaining a height.

No need of manually pouring the water

The machine comes with an inlet that deters you to pour water manually. Simply attach it to the tap and let the water flow in automatically. However, if the inlet pipe does not fit into your tap then you may have to do it manually. Either you change the tap or pour the water manually.

Yes, you have to wring

Spinning feature is not available for this machine. You can only wash and rinse the clothes. The ones that have this features costs a little higher. However, I am okay to wring the clothes. If you are not comfortable to wring it then you can keep the clothes in a big colander. Leave the clothes in the colander for some time to get rid of the excess water.

I recommend this product to everyone. If you have busy schedule and find no time to wash your clothes then this portable washing machine is your real friend.

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