Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer

Haier HLP24E 1.5 Cubic Foot Portable Washer With Stainless Steel TubI wanted to gift something useful to my brother as he was going to some other country for his studies. Knowing how unhygienic he is, there couldn’t have been a better product than his. He is never into washing clothes, nor into any sort of cooking. He is only concerned about studies, clubbing and hanging out with friends. I couldn’t help him with the cooking part, but I definitely wanted to help him to resolve the washing part.

I had a budget of $250 and I was sure that Amazon will give me a good deal. I am a frequent buyer and I love shopping from Amazon. Be it the shoes, watches, clothes or any electronic item, I am always clicking and buying! I recently bought a 42 inch LED TV from Amazon and it was $50 less than the original price. So, Amazon was the only site from where I could shop the portable washing machine for my brother. I searched for the best portable washing machine within $250 and as usual there were too many varieties. I always read the reviews before buying any product and this is what I did this time.

Sturdy and a compact product

The machine soon reached my brother’s new apartment. He called me up and said that the machine is pretty awesome (I was relieved that he not leading an unhygienic life). He then told me the features about Haier HLP21N washing machine and the way it works.

So, the first thing he said was about the appearance of the machine. It was stood sturdy and was really compact. It was visible that the machine will go a long way if rules are followed and care is taken. He did send me a picture of the machine and it looked brand new! I was really happy and I am thankful to Amazon for offering this sturdy machine.

The features

  • Let’s talk about the weight first. It is a heavy washing machine. The weight of this machine is around 59 pounds. It can be taken from one end to the other only with the help of the dolly. I mean it wouldn’t have been possible for me to port it without the dolly. Although my brother can shift it a bit, he did buy a dolly separately.
  • It is because of the weight that the machine is so stable. It has a great stability and does not move from its pace once the machine is on.
  • The machine has four wash cycles. It is a complete 45 minutes procedure. You don’t have to worry about anything. Whether you want to wash it, rinse it or spin it, everything is possible with this machine. Spinning should be one of the essentials of a washing machine. On a cloudy day when the sun becomes lazy, you need to have the spinning feature loaded right?
  • The machine has a LED display. It helps in easy usage. You will be able to see all the details in on the LED screen.
  • It does not occupy much of your floor space. You can port it to the washroom and then keep it in the storeroom or kitchen.
  • Include only light clothes. For example do not include more than one jeans in this machine. This machine basically washes 5-6 clothes (undergarments, socks, small hand towel and two shirts). If you want to include jeans then do it separately.

Laundry problem solved

Nowadays, laundries charge a lot for washing clothes. I don’t think that it is worth spending $12 every week on washing clothes. To be precise you are spending more than $500 a year just on laundry! Don’t let this happen when you have this awesome product with you just at $221! It has a one year warranty too! Simply relax and wait for the clothes to come out lean. My brother has no complains about this product.


My brother loves this machine. He said that the efficiency rate is more than excellent! I definitely advise everyone to buy this washing machine. The price is affordable and the machine works really well. Grab the deal before it goes out of stock.

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