Eco-egg Automatic Mini Washing Machine Review

Eco-egg Automatic Mini Washing MachineThe amazing look grabbed my attention at the very first instance. There can be no better washing machine like this. I thought that a portable machine can never have the automatic feature and even if it ever has it, the price would be beyond expectation. However, Amazon proved me wrong. It has the best deals as compared to any other online shopping site. I am student and stay as a paying guest. My home is quite far from the place I live now. I stay as a paying guest because my college is just 30 minutes from here. Although I don’t share my room with anyone, I go through a lot of difficulties.

There is too much to study but less time to cope with the syllabus. In such case I hardly get time to cook, watch television or wash my clothes. I can still survive with a cup of noodles at times, but washing clothes is really irksome. It is like a daily routine. No wonder the time it consumes makes me repent all the time. I had to find a solution to it. Buying a big washing machine would have cost a fortune. I mean I don’t have so many clothes to wash daily. So, I thought that what if I buy a smaller version of washing machine (if at all it exists).

Superb deal!

I searched on the net to find if there is any mini version of washing machines. I was shocked to see that so many sites were selling portable washing machines. This literally relaxed me and gave me a drive to purchase one. Amazon has been a reliable shopping site and so, I thought of shopping from here. There were a variety of portable washing machines ranging from $50 and going till $300. I got confused until I landed up on Eco-egg washing machine. As the name suggests, the machine looks like an egg. It is unique and looks stylish. The machine was on sale and priced below $110. When I went through the features, it was really enthralling. I quickly ordered the product and it was delivered in two days.

Attractive features

So, I could see this big egg in my home. I read the manual to know the dos and don’ts. Following are the top five features that forced me to give it a five star!

  • The term automatic actually relieved me. So, I added 4 t-shirts and 1 jumpsuit of mine. I added the detergent and water. Remember to add only the required amount of water. Do not overload it with excess water. I set the timer to 15 minutes. To be frank, it did the job really well. The automatic rinse was a great help as I did not want to do anything manually.
  • It weighs only 13 pounds. I feel that this is the best machine you can ever have. You can transport it to any part of your room without straining your arms.
  • No noise. I am not saying that it doesn’t produce any sound, but it does not irritate your eardrums unlike other portable washing machines. Overall it is a quieter machine.
  • Occupies minimal space. Unlike big washing machines, the mini versions take the least space of your house. It works efficiently and offers clean clothes with no residue left on it.
  • No technicalities required. Any person can operate this washing machine. You just have to press the buttons and set the timer that’s it! It is very easy to use.

No spinning facility

If you are searching for a spinning facility then you may have to increase your budget. This particular washing machine will help you to wash and rinse the clothes along with its automatic feature. If you have a light duty washing, then this is the best product you can have.

I am not bothered about the spinning feature as it is okay for me to wring it. So, spinning can be the only drawback for this machine.


I am more than happy to have this product. It has solved one of my biggest problems. I will recommend the Eco-egg portable washing machine to everyone. It is compact, stylish and efficient!

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