Common Washing Machine Mistakes People Make

Laundry is a never ending chore and making mistakes while doing laundry can make it last even longer. There are a few mistakes that are common and you can easily correct these. Correcting these mistakes ensures that the task of doing laundry is simpler and you can get more done in less time.

Overloading the Washing Machine

You have to be mindful of how much you are putting in your machine when doing a load of laundry. If you are overloading the machine, the laundry does not get as clean because the detergent cannot possibly get to everything in the washer. Overloading can also wear out your washer faster because you are making it work far harder than it is designed to. Lastly, overloading can lead to excessive laundry wrinkling.

Make sure to read the loading guidelines for the washer that you have. It is best to take the load limit and go at least slightly under it so that there is no risk of overloading.

Never Flushing the Dispensers

Some washing machines have dispensers for detergent and fabric softener. Many people assume that they are always clean and never take the time to actually clean them. However, not cleaning the dispensers can allow for mold to grow and excess detergent or fabric softener to build up. This can eventually lead to odors that can transfer to the things you are washing. It only takes a few minutes to flush them and then after each washing cycle, leave the drawer open so that any residual water is able to evaporate.

Guessing on the Right Amount of Detergent

It is common for someone to load the washer and then just pour some detergent onto the load before closing the lid or door. However, there are measurements on bottles and boxes of detergent for a reason. If you use too much or too little of the detergent, you are reducing its overall cleaning power. Follow the measurement guidelines on the detergent label to ensure that you are using the right amount and getting the right level of cleaning power. If you are washing something that is extra dirty, adding a very small amount of extra detergent is generally fine.

Only Using One Setting or Cycle

Washing machines have a number of cycles that will help you to accomplish a number of different laundry tasks. In most cases, the Delicate or Regular setting is appropriate, but you should also know what the other settings or cycles do so that you can get the most out of your washing machine. Certain settings rinse more thoroughly and this is idea for things like bulky items that might retain more detergent.

You should also be aware of the water temperature settings. If you need whitening and stain removal, hotter water is a better option. If you want to remove wrinkles and prevent new ones, slower agitation is ideal.

Not Using a Braided Hose

When it comes to the water hoses, you normally get plain rubber ones as part of the hardware that comes with the machine. However, everyone would benefit by paying a little extra to get braided hoses to replace the rubber ones. The braided hoses are more durable. They are far more resistant to issues like cracking, splitting and drying out, so they will last a lot longer than the basic rubber hoses that come with your machine.

Use this information to ensure that you are getting all of your laundry done in a timely manner. This will also make sure that you do not damage any of your clothes while they are getting as clean as possible.

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