Danby DWM17WDB Portable Top Load Washing Machine

Dany DWMI7WDB is widely known for its features, durability and effectiveness. It is one of those very few machines that received positive feedback from majority of its customers. Buying a washing machine is not an easy and everyday purchase therefore, before you decide to get the Danby DWM17WDB, you must understand its features in order to make a worthy decision.


Danby DWM17WDB Portable Top Load Washing Machine Overview:

Following is an extensive and meticulous overview of this fashionable washing machine.

Size and Capacity: In today’s commonly petite living arrangements, this compact and portable washing machine is an easy fit. At 70 pounds, its dense weight and small size allows the user to place it anywhere around their house at their ease. For further convenience, the company has also installed heavy duty castors for fluid mobility.

Save electricity: The Danby DWM17WDB only requires a standard 120 Volts electrical socket to work which is easily found in our households thus, saving electricity and also saves you from running up your electrician’s bills.

Electronic controls: The user friendly controls on top of this compact unit allows the user to choose between a variety of 8 washing modes and 4 water level settings according to their specific washing and drying needs.

Water over-flow protection system: The Danby DWM17WDB is an automatic washer thus it differs strongly from other manual washers which may overflow as water is poured into them by hand. However, this state of the art washer comes with built in sensors that control the water levels of your wash cycle thus saving water as well.

Pros and Cons of buying the Danby DWM17WDB:


  • Removable lint filter.
  • Can be rolled around the house at the user’s convenience.
  • Has a rust resistant tub with the capacity to hold over 10 large size men shirts.


  • Each cycle uses up to 20 to 30 gallons of water which is a disadvantage for areas which have water shortages.
  • The spinner does not dry clothes as thoroughly as a single unit dryer.
  • The agitator tugs and pulls at the clothes leaving them tangled.

What the customers say about the Danby DWM17WDB:

Washing machines are not an everyday purchase thus people tend to look at customer feedbacks in order to make the right decision. To better evaluate this innovative appliance, I as well went over 25 reviews only to find out that this durable washer was well liked by its current users. People were fairly content with its size and portability and especially seemed to enjoy the 8 washing modes and 4 water level settings. On the other hand, there were a few discontent customers who complained about the plastic fill in and drainage hoses which were too short and needed to be replaced which meant extra cost. Moreover, others criticized the safety lid which they said did not work effectively and took over 20 seconds to shut down the cycle if the lid was opened which was enough time for young children to injure themselves.


After thoroughly evaluating the Danby DWM17WDB, I can assure you that buying this appliance will only mean money well spent. Its novel features; compact size and portable nature make it the perfect appliances for households with limited accommodation. Furthermore, this automatic washer can wash a load of over 10 large men size shirts in one cycle and also dry them later in optimal time. In all, this 2 in 1 washing machine will prove to be a true companion in years to come. If reading this review has helped you make up your mind, then hurry up in ordering this fine piece of equipment as Amazon has only one piece left in stock which goes out at $375.

XtremepowerUS Electric Small Mini Portable Compact Washing Machine Review

XtremepowerUS Electric Small Mini Portable Compact Washer Washing MachineI simply love the way this portable washing machine works. It has wiped off the daily struggles of washing clothes and has made my job really easy. I stay alone in my flat. I have recently shifted to U.S for my job. It has been around six months that I am staying here all alone without my parents. I not only miss them, but also miss the washing machine! It is really tiring to cook food and wash the clothes after coming back from office. I mean 90 percent of my energy already gets drained once the office hours are over and then doing the household work is exasperating.

From the past six months I have been struggling a lot. Thankfully I have helpful neighbors who recommended me to buy the portable washing machines. I was initially confused because I could never thing of a washing machine being portable! But then when they showed me on the net, I was like “Yes! I got the solution”. I asked them suggest me a reliable online shopping site and most of them said that Amazon is the preferred site.

On time delivery

Amazon was stocked with different types of portable washing machines. I mean there were too many options and this made me confused. So, I started reading the top reviews and then I finally landed on this product. The XtremepowerUS washing machine had a nice, compact look. I liked the color too (blue is my favorite color). The price was surprisingly affordable. It was just $85! The reviews were very positive and I was sure that this will be the right choice for my apartment.

I quickly ordered the product. Within three days I got the washing machine. The packaging was impressive too.

Favorite features

The portable washing machine looked like an exotic bucket. No one can identify this as a washing machine unless someone goes near to this product. To be true, the manual was not of any help. The instructions were not clear enough. Now let’s talk about the features-

  • The first feature was the weight of the machine. It weighs only 10 pounds! You can carry this mini washing machine to any part of your house. You can keep it in your kitchen also if you want!
  • If you are wondering that operating this machine will be a little hard, then you are absolutely wrong. Although the manual is not helpful, you can easily operate the machine. All you need to do is set the timer and press the switch that’s it! It is just like operating a television (the only difference is there is no remote!).
  • I regularly wash around 6-7 clothes of mine. This includes one pant, two shirts, handkerchief, socks, and undergarments. I do not add more than 1 tsp. of detergent in the washer. It has its own water inlet and a drainage hose. If the inlet does not fit to your tap then you may directly pour the water as per marked level.

Do not expect to wash a blanket

Please remember that this is a portable washing machine. Considering the size of this machine, you can only use it for light laundry purpose. Do not squeeze a blanket in it. If you try to do so, the washer may encounter a glitch. Please use it as mentioned. Also, do not exceed the number of clothes.

I visit the laundry once a month

Since my regular washing is done with the help of this super smart washing machine, I visit the laundry just once a month to wash heavy clothes. It is okay to spend $10 once a month at the laundry rather than spending it every week. Winter clothes cannot be washed in the portable washing machine. So it is best to either wash it by hands or visit the laundry.

I will recommend this product to everyone. It has seriously helped me a lot. I just have to cook now as the trouble of washing no more bothers me. If you want to wash the light clothes at an affordable price then grab the XtremepowerUS portable washing machine. I am sure you will like the product.

Sonya Compact Portable Washing Machine Washer Review

Sonya Compact Portable Apartment Small Washing Machine Washer 1.9cuft./15.4lbs/free Casters IncludedI will describe this product in one word and the word is “amazing”. This washing machine has literally coerced me to write the review. I am staying in a rented apartment with my cousin sister. We are basically college students. Now, it is quite evident that students are either burdened with too many exams or pressurized to submit a heap of case studies. We spend around 6 hours in the college and then spend 4 more hours to study at home. This makes us mentally tired and we feel like dozing off. However, here comes the twist. The household work makes us sick! Yes, we just don’t like to wash clothes. Although we have allotted certain duties to each other, we still hate this one thing i.e. washing the clothes.

We jointly made a decision to buy a portable washing machine. Amazon has always been a great help to get genuine products at a reasonable price. We immediately searched the net and we were flooded by a lot of portable washing machine. Some were below $100, whereas others were $200 and above. The ones which were within $200 did not have enough capacity to wash the clothes. Since we were two, we wanted a medium sized portable washing machine.

Sonya, you are the best!

I guess the price is affordable enough if we consider the quality and the features. We ordered the product at once and got the product within three days. We were pretty excited to operate the machine. The manual was helpful and I was all set to use the machine. My cousin was also happy and I could sense that she was relieved when the product arrived (the tension of washing clothes was at bay now!).

I added two of my shirts and her jeans in the washer. This was just a demo. I added just a pinch of detergent in order to see how well the machine works.

The result

I definitely cannot remark anything negative about the result. The result was more than satisfying. All the excess soap was squeezed out and the clothes smelled really good. We don’t have to bother about spinning the clothes. The machine has the dryer facility and is very helpful during rainy seasons. We have been using the machine for quite some time now and life without this machine is troublesome (yes! we are addicted).

Cool features

  • Now this is a heavy machine. It can accommodate clothes of two people and I hope you can understand its capacity. It weighs 68 pounds and we have no problem with this till the times we get clean clothes. Had it been for single use, I would have purchased a different model. Still I feel that this is the best buy if you don’t want to visit the laundry and spend $15 there!
  • It has two inlets. If you want the clothes to be washed in warm water then you can use the red inlet, while the other inlet is for cold water. We use both the inlets to wash the clothes in the best way possible.
  • It has a transparent lid. You can see everything happening inside the washer!
  • We were also provided a stand to keep the machine in the best way possible. The stand has wheels too. In case you want to shift the machine from one end to the other, you can always do that. This makes the portability easier.
  • The drainage hose is made up of good quality. There were other washing machines that did not have a good drainage hose (as per the reviews).
  • You can easily wash around 12-15 clothes at a time. This includes towels, jeans, shirts, t-shirts and even the small items. It is basically a sturdy machine and works very efficiently. You may also use liquid detergent to wash clothes.


I recommend this product to every individual. I am saying this from my heart as we are actually relieved from the big burden. Stop spending money at the laundry when Amazon is offering such an awesome deal! I got this product on sale and I saved $50. I hope you save the same. Grab this offer soon!

Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer

Haier HLP24E 1.5 Cubic Foot Portable Washer With Stainless Steel TubI wanted to gift something useful to my brother as he was going to some other country for his studies. Knowing how unhygienic he is, there couldn’t have been a better product than his. He is never into washing clothes, nor into any sort of cooking. He is only concerned about studies, clubbing and hanging out with friends. I couldn’t help him with the cooking part, but I definitely wanted to help him to resolve the washing part.

I had a budget of $250 and I was sure that Amazon will give me a good deal. I am a frequent buyer and I love shopping from Amazon. Be it the shoes, watches, clothes or any electronic item, I am always clicking and buying! I recently bought a 42 inch LED TV from Amazon and it was $50 less than the original price. So, Amazon was the only site from where I could shop the portable washing machine for my brother. I searched for the best portable washing machine within $250 and as usual there were too many varieties. I always read the reviews before buying any product and this is what I did this time.

Sturdy and a compact product

The machine soon reached my brother’s new apartment. He called me up and said that the machine is pretty awesome (I was relieved that he not leading an unhygienic life). He then told me the features about Haier HLP21N washing machine and the way it works.

So, the first thing he said was about the appearance of the machine. It was stood sturdy and was really compact. It was visible that the machine will go a long way if rules are followed and care is taken. He did send me a picture of the machine and it looked brand new! I was really happy and I am thankful to Amazon for offering this sturdy machine.

The features

  • Let’s talk about the weight first. It is a heavy washing machine. The weight of this machine is around 59 pounds. It can be taken from one end to the other only with the help of the dolly. I mean it wouldn’t have been possible for me to port it without the dolly. Although my brother can shift it a bit, he did buy a dolly separately.
  • It is because of the weight that the machine is so stable. It has a great stability and does not move from its pace once the machine is on.
  • The machine has four wash cycles. It is a complete 45 minutes procedure. You don’t have to worry about anything. Whether you want to wash it, rinse it or spin it, everything is possible with this machine. Spinning should be one of the essentials of a washing machine. On a cloudy day when the sun becomes lazy, you need to have the spinning feature loaded right?
  • The machine has a LED display. It helps in easy usage. You will be able to see all the details in on the LED screen.
  • It does not occupy much of your floor space. You can port it to the washroom and then keep it in the storeroom or kitchen.
  • Include only light clothes. For example do not include more than one jeans in this machine. This machine basically washes 5-6 clothes (undergarments, socks, small hand towel and two shirts). If you want to include jeans then do it separately.

Laundry problem solved

Nowadays, laundries charge a lot for washing clothes. I don’t think that it is worth spending $12 every week on washing clothes. To be precise you are spending more than $500 a year just on laundry! Don’t let this happen when you have this awesome product with you just at $221! It has a one year warranty too! Simply relax and wait for the clothes to come out lean. My brother has no complains about this product.


My brother loves this machine. He said that the efficiency rate is more than excellent! I definitely advise everyone to buy this washing machine. The price is affordable and the machine works really well. Grab the deal before it goes out of stock.

EZYWASH Portable Single Tub Washer Review

Portable Single Tub Washing Machine EZYWASH by BaseCamp Mr. Heater F235883 I would say that this machine is not only budget friendly, but also efficient at the same time. I live alone in my apartment. It is at times exciting to live alone, but at times frustrating too. My parents stay miles away and I meet them once in a year. I am basically living separately because of my job. Now, you know how 9-7 jobs are! It is hectic. On top of that when you see your room messed up, you feel like scratching your head or staying at your friends place. Well I did stay at my friend’s place at times, but this cannot be changed into a habit.

When I see dirty clothes screaming at me to wash them, I literally feel like telling them “can’t you walk on your own, get washed and come back to my wardrobe?” I know this was silly, but this is how my mental state was! Finally I decided to get a washing machine. The machine can only fulfill my daily dream and get me out of this trauma. I never had any idea about portable washing machines. It was only through Amazon that I got to know.

Thanks a ton Amazon

Amazon proved to be the friend in need. When I started typing washing machine, I got an option for portable washing machines. I was shocked and happy at the same time. I quickly went through all the washing machines and searched for the best features. I was about to buy the usual washing machine as I did not know that there are portable ones also. However, when I saw that a washing machine can also cost below $160, then I thought that I save a lump sum amount.

After going through all the reviews, the EZYWASH portable washing machine was the right choice for me. The features were pretty good and the price was perfect. I ordered the product and paid via net banking. The product got delivered in just two days.

What did I discover?

  • So, this machine will accommodate around 4-5 clothes. This includes one jeans, one shirt, undergarments and handkerchief. I would like to suggest one thing that, do not try to stuff too many items in the washer. This will be bad for the machine and it may lose its efficiency.
  • Set the timer the way you want. I use it for a minimum of 15 minutes so that my clothes get washed properly. It has a top load system. It is pretty easy to add the clothes in the washer.
  • The drainage hose is of good quality. Remember to let the drainage hose lie on the floor while the washing is in the procedure. This is very important. I am saying this because I once forgot to do so. The first thing you do is keep the drainage hose on the floor and then you can carry on with the washing stuff.
  • It has an inlet pipe too, but it did not match my tap. I pour the water directly in the washer. Again, you need to be careful when you are pouring water. Water should be filled only till the marked point. Do not overfill it.

Any drawback?

I don’t think that there is any drawback about this super cute portable washing machine. The only thing I wanted was the spinning feature. But I feel that it is completely okay. You can wring it. I actually keep the clothes hanging for some time in order to get rid of the excess water.

If you want the spinning feature added then the cost should be around $200 and above. At this price only a washer is available. Spinning was not a big concern for me. I was stressed about washing clothes and this machine does its job perfectly. I am really happy to have this product.


So, if you live alone and you want a mini helping hand to wash the dirtiest clothes then this is the product for you. I want every person to grab this portable washing machine and see how efficiently it works. It has reduced my stress and now I feel on the top of the world!

Miniwash+ Portable Automatic Electric Mini Washing Machine Review

Miniwash+ Portable Automatic Electric Mini Washing MachineNever knew that a washing machine under $100 will work so efficiently. Thanks a lot Amazon for making life better and easier. I stay as a paying guest. I am pursuing my post graduate degree and in no way I get time to even watch television. There is too much of syllabus and we get only seven months to complete everything and appear for the exams. At times I skip my meals too to save time. I know this is a kind of torture, but I have my ambition and I will definitely fulfill that.

As I said that I skip meals, it does not hold true in case of washing clothes. It is a must to wash clothes daily as I can’t bear unhygienic stuffs. Every morning I have my classes sharp at 9. In such a case I am compelled to get up at 6 (having only 5 hours sleep, make breakfast, wash clothes, clean the room, study a bit and rush for the classes! This was very hectic for me. Washing clothes was the most time consuming process. So, I decided to shed few dollars from my pocket and take a portable washing machine. I already had some idea about these machines and so, it did not take much time to find the right product.

Great product at just $99!

Amazon has got everything for everyone. It has all the products ranging from lowest to the highest. I feel that it is the most reliable online shopping site where you will be deluged by innumerable products at a great deal. I ordered the portable automatic electric washing machine and it got delivered to my home in just three days (those three days were really painful). The packaging was brilliant. The manual was not that helpful as the machine was very easy to operate. Just a few buttons and you are ready to get clean clothes!

4-5 clothes at a time

Since I am the only person living alone, there are not much clothes that needs to be washed. Hence, this machine is ideal for me. I usually wash inner wears, t-shirts, pajama and maybe 2 handkerchiefs. I never tried to overload this machine because I don’t want its quality to deteriorate. I use just a tsp. of detergent in the washer. The way the machine works shows that how efficient it is.

Automatic rinse

Most of the portable washing machines lack this feature. Automatic rinse is a must to get rid of the extra detergent sticking to the clothes. I really don’t have to wait and press any button for rinsing. Things are done automatically and it really saves my time. Now I wake up at 7 instead of 6. At I no longer have to bother about my clothes.

Light weight

The portable washing machine is just 14 lbs. It looks like a bucket that can be taken rom one of the room to the other! You can actually take it anywhere you want. You can also keep it on the kitchen slab. You need to keep in mind that the drainage hose should be 1-2 feet above the ground. This will help in better draining. Don’t let it lie on the floor without maintaining a height.

No need of manually pouring the water

The machine comes with an inlet that deters you to pour water manually. Simply attach it to the tap and let the water flow in automatically. However, if the inlet pipe does not fit into your tap then you may have to do it manually. Either you change the tap or pour the water manually.

Yes, you have to wring

Spinning feature is not available for this machine. You can only wash and rinse the clothes. The ones that have this features costs a little higher. However, I am okay to wring the clothes. If you are not comfortable to wring it then you can keep the clothes in a big colander. Leave the clothes in the colander for some time to get rid of the excess water.

I recommend this product to everyone. If you have busy schedule and find no time to wash your clothes then this portable washing machine is your real friend.

Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine with Spin Dryer Review

Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine(6-7lbs Capacity) with Spin DryerTo be frank, this washing machine is my first love. It has reduced 60 percent burden from my shoulders. I am basically a student staying far away from my home. I stay alone in my apartment and you know how an apartment looks like when a person stays alone! Well, I am not talking about the organized people, but yes the ones who are like me! I hardly get time to cook at my apartment as the college burdens me with too much of responsibilities. My parents get really concerned about me, but there is hardly anything they can do about it. I definitely can’t leave my studies and get back home.

Clothes are something I love to wear, but hate to wash! I mean who has got so much of time to wash the clothes with all those detergent sticking on your body? Plus cooking is again a pain. If I spend my time doing all these then I am sure that I will fail to meet the deadlines of my college. Initially I had to suffer a lot because of this but I had to find a solution soon.

Budget friendly solution

So, the solution was the portable washing machine. I never thought that a washing machine can be portable! Amazon helped me to find one of the most efficient washing machines in my budget. Usually the washing machines cost a fortune. I definitely did not want to spend so much of money just on a washing machine. Plus, I was the only person living in my apartment and there would not be too many clothes to wash. On an average I was around 4-5 clothes daily. So, a big washing machine is of no use to me.

There were cheaper models available but I also wanted a quality product. This is the reason that I landed to the Panda compact portable washing machine.

Light weight

I quickly ordered the product and it was right in my apartment within three days. I was excited to use the washing machine. Any product that has a portable feature should always be light weight. The first thing I noticed is that the washing machine is light in weight. As mentioned on Amazon, this machine is just 28 lbs. I think it is good enough for anyone who is living alone and wants a partner to help wash the clothes!

Washing and spinning

I tried to wash my tee without using any detergent. I set the timer for 3 minutes (just tried as a demo) and washed it. Then I had to transfer the tee to the other side for spinning. Although I was a little worried about the whole scenario, I was relaxed by the outcome. My tee was washed well and it was 70 percent dry.

The next day I tried washing my socks, tee, jeans, handkerchiefs and a night suit. This time I used only a teaspoon of detergent. I was really happy to see my clothes being cleaned without the help of my hand!

Just one drawback

I would like to add one drawback about this portable washing machine. Well, it might not be a big issue but since I am writing a review it is my duty to right both pros and cons. So, the spin dryer is not big enough to fit 6-7 clothes at a time. Don’t try to squeeze in as you may encounter a glitch. Go as per instructed. Do not try and overload it.

This is the only drawback according to me. I don’t think that it should bother you much considering the other great features.

Keep the machine dry

If you are not using the machine then please keep the spin dryer and the washer open. This will help in evaporating the excess water sticking to the sides. This will also avoid the pungent smell created inside the washer and the dryer.

I will recommend this product to every single individual. Panda really rocks. I can concentrate on my studies rather than pondering about washing clothes! My clothes feel fresh and this makes me feel really happy. Thanks a lot Amazon for providing me such a wonderful product.

Bonus Package Panda Small Mini Portable Compact Washer Washing Machine Review

Bonus Package Panda Small Mini Portable Compact Washer Washing Machine 5.5lbs CapacityThis machine is doing a great job. I really want to thank Amazon for offering me such an awesome deal. I actually have a job posting miles away from my home. I am more into travelling and there is no time limit to my job. At times I move out from my home at eight in the morning and come back at 11 in the night. It has also happened that my out for two days! If you are wondering it is adventurous then you are wrong. It is basically tiring and I get no energy to eat anything. In such circumstances washing clothes was next to impossible. Going to the laundry was time consuming and it was only on Sundays that I used to get time.

Since I am the only person staying in the apartment, I do not have many clothes to wash. It is just 4-5 clothes that needed to be washed regularly. However, washing was really painful. I was not in a situation to drain so much of energy, but still I had to. Finally one of my next door neighbors advised me to buy a portable washing machine.

Great product!

I never thought that a washing machine can be portable! I mean there is also a mini version of a washing machine. I quickly searched the net about the best portable washing machine below $90. Well, Amazon ranked the page and I was sure that it has got something in stock for me. I am not a frequent buyer but my experience with Amazon has always been pleasant. So, I exactly got what I desired. The portable machine was really cute and was packed with superb features. I definitely did not want to spend humongous amount on a washing machine. However, I am thoroughly enjoying this mini model!

It fulfills the daily washing routine

Amazon delivered the product on time and I was pretty happy with the packaging. I quickly unboxed it to see the new portable washing machine. The manual was provided and the instructions were easy to read. I started with 2 jeans first (because it is not that easy to wash). I used a pinch of detergent and poured in the required water in it. I had set the timer to 7 minutes. After 7 minutes lapsed the jeans were washed really well. I mean it was way better than what I wash!

How to rinse?

Now this machine is just for washing purpose. You would definitely don’t want the extra soap to stay on your clothes. In that case you may pour fresh water in the tub and let it get washed for 2-3 minutes more. Remember to keep open the hose for the drainage purpose. I applied this technique and it really worked well.

I have been using this machine for about three weeks and there is no sign of glitch. It has become a helping hand of mine. The machine is perfect for the ones who are living alone. It basically reduces the “washing” stress!

Perfect machine at just $90

I think you will not get a better machine than this at just $90. It occupies minimum space and looks unique. When my friends arrived they asked about this machine. They thought that it is a stylish water filter! Then I told them that it’s a portable washing machine. My friends were literally shocked. They really liked the machine and praised it. I also showed them a demo! I hope Amazon will soon get a few more orders!

Worried whether to wring or not?

This machine has no facility of spinning. I do wring it because I can’t wait for 10-15 minutes to keep the clothes in the tub. However, if you don’t want to wring it then you can keep the clothes in the tub itself until the excess water drains out. I know that it is irksome to wring it, but you can definitely use this technique.

I advise everyone to use this new technology of washing clothes. If you hate washing clothes and want a quick solution, it is none other than the Panda small portable washing machine.

Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine Pan30 Drain By Gravity Review

Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine Pan30 Drain By GravityPanda has proved its brand. I am not much into writing reviews, but I was rather compelled to write because of such a great servicing! The portable washing machine has hit the bull’s eye. Be it the price, quality or the features, everything is just perfect. I wanted to gift a portable washing machine to my cousin. She recently gave birth to a baby girl. I mean there are so many clothes to wash every now and then. I literally get shocked to see so many clothes going for a wash!

The machine is perfect as it does not occupy much space and can be easily taken to the washroom and back to the store room. I thought that it would be best to gift this machine to her. I did have a budget of $150 but then I added few more dollars to get a better product. There were other machines too, but Panda offered good features and overall it looked sturdy. There were no retail stores that were selling portable washing machines. Plus I wouldn’t have got so many options to choose from. Thus, Amazon was more preferable.

My cousin loved it!

When the machine got delivered to my cousin’s house, she simply loved it. At the beginning she was shocked as she never thought that I would gift her washing machine! I quickly asked her to unbox it as I couldn’t wait to use it. Finally I could see the brand new portable machine. The manual was helpful. I read it thoroughly and I was all ready to use the machine.

There were too many small clothes like socks, undergarments, handkerchiefs, etc. It was a total of 15 clothes (these were the baby’s garments). So I attached the inlet hose with the tap and filled water as marked. Then I added a pinch of detergent in it. I finally closed the lid and set the timer to 10 minutes.

The result

The result was pretty amazing. After 10 minutes of wash I transferred the clothes to the spinner. The clothes got semi-dried and it was satisfactory. The clothes were really washed well and I there was no trace of foul smell. Although I knew that the machine will work efficiently (considering the positive reviews), I was a little worried. However, all my worries vanished when I saw the clothes.

Using it for the past one month

I often visit my cousin’s place. I asked for a feedback after one month of usage. She said that the portable washing machine has become her second hand. She doesn’t have to worry about rainy or cloudy days. She uses the machine frequently and still it works efficiently. There have not been any problems encountered as of now. If I ever encounter a problem in a 1 year period, I will definitely upgrade the review.

I think that the machine will go a long way. It is sturdy and really easy to use.

The drainage hose has thin walls

This is the only disadvantage that I would like to highlight. Although there has been no problem during the drainage, still I feel that the hose should have been made up of a stronger material. I feel that it can break anytime, but it didn’t.

This might not be a big issue though, it still should be noticed. If we ignore the hose part and concentrate on how efficiently the portable washing machine washes the cloth then it is a product worth buying.

Price is affordable and the warranty offered is one year. I don’t think that you should go for any other product as Panda is the best. It is stocked with superb features and is light in weight. It is only 28 lbs. It is a mini washing machine that is budget friendly and does your job at the same time.


If you are sick of washing your clothes and want an instant relief then this is the product for you. I recommend this product to everyone. My cousin feels blessed to have this machine by her side. Amazon was a great help. It helped me to find the right product for my cousin.

Wonder Washer As Seen On TV Review

Wonder WasherI would say that it feels wonderful with wonder washer! It is has become my best friend rather. It is so light in weight and efficient that you don’t have to worry about your clothes anymore. I live alone in a small apartment. The apartment is provided by my office. I really feel home sick at times but it is only once in one year I can meet my parents. I get no time to either watch television or do other household work (like washing clothes!). Coming to clothes, it is necessary to keep the clothes neat and clean. You can’t stock it for weeks and wait for the release of the foul smell coming out of your clothes! It doesn’t take much time to clean my room (because my apartment is only 650 sq. feet).

Washing the clothes is definitely tiresome and time consuming. You need to soak the clothes for about 10-15 minutes and then start washing, then rinsing and finally wring it! Phew! I had to go to the laundry every week and spend $15. This was really expensive and it was bothersome for me to visit laundry every Sunday. This is the only relaxing day for me, but still I was loaded with work!

I took a right choice

Frustrated from the daily struggles, I had to find a remedy. I searched the net for a low budget washing machine. I somewhat knew that it would cost above $100 and I was ready to spend knowing my predicament. As usual I could see Amazon topping the list. I quickly visited the page and saw that there were several portable washing machines available above $100. What shocked me was that there were machines below $100 too! I couldn’t wait to go through the features and reviews. After a thorough research I decided to buy the wonder washer. The reviews were positive and the features matched my needs!

Small, sturdy and compact

I was not ready to buy the big washing machines as it was out of my budget and at the same time would have occupied a lot of space. So, this was the best deal I could ever have. I ordered the product at once and it got delivered in just three days.

When I unboxed it, the machine looked like a small bucket. Weighing just 8 pounds, I could lift it easily and transfer it to any part of my house! In case you don’t want the machine in your washroom, you can always keep it in the storeroom when not in use. This will keep the machine in a better condition. There is a timer available at the bottom of the washer. It has 5 options to set the time. These are 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 minutes.

How many clothes do I wash daily?

I wash my clothes in a two way cycle. First is in the morning and then in the evening. In the morning I wash the undergarments, socks, handkerchiefs, tie, hand towel and a t-shirt. I set the timer to 9 minutes. Once the washing is done, I add fresh water in the washing machine and let it run for 3 minutes more. This is basically done to remove the extra soap. You may do it by your hand too.

In the evening, I wash my shirt and pant. These are bigger in size and so I do not I add any other garments in the washer.

Any cons?

I got this machine for $70 only. Hence the feature is restricted to only washing the clothes. Considering the price, I don’t think that it could have added any other feature. The only thing I wished was the spinning cycle. I need to wring it (which is okay). At least I don’t have to waste time washing the clothes! To be true, I did not find any negative feature about this product. I am happy with what I have got.


It has reduced the biggest burden from my shoulders. I will definitely advice everyone to grab this portable washing machine. It is light in weight and has the full potential to do the work efficiently. Thanks a lot Amazon for offering me this awesome deal.