Bonus Package Panda Small Mini Portable Compact Washer Washing Machine Review

Bonus Package Panda Small Mini Portable Compact Washer Washing Machine 5.5lbs CapacityThis machine is doing a great job. I really want to thank Amazon for offering me such an awesome deal. I actually have a job posting miles away from my home. I am more into travelling and there is no time limit to my job. At times I move out from my home at eight in the morning and come back at 11 in the night. It has also happened that my out for two days! If you are wondering it is adventurous then you are wrong. It is basically tiring and I get no energy to eat anything. In such circumstances washing clothes was next to impossible. Going to the laundry was time consuming and it was only on Sundays that I used to get time.

Since I am the only person staying in the apartment, I do not have many clothes to wash. It is just 4-5 clothes that needed to be washed regularly. However, washing was really painful. I was not in a situation to drain so much of energy, but still I had to. Finally one of my next door neighbors advised me to buy a portable washing machine.

Great product!

I never thought that a washing machine can be portable! I mean there is also a mini version of a washing machine. I quickly searched the net about the best portable washing machine below $90. Well, Amazon ranked the page and I was sure that it has got something in stock for me. I am not a frequent buyer but my experience with Amazon has always been pleasant. So, I exactly got what I desired. The portable machine was really cute and was packed with superb features. I definitely did not want to spend humongous amount on a washing machine. However, I am thoroughly enjoying this mini model!

It fulfills the daily washing routine

Amazon delivered the product on time and I was pretty happy with the packaging. I quickly unboxed it to see the new portable washing machine. The manual was provided and the instructions were easy to read. I started with 2 jeans first (because it is not that easy to wash). I used a pinch of detergent and poured in the required water in it. I had set the timer to 7 minutes. After 7 minutes lapsed the jeans were washed really well. I mean it was way better than what I wash!

How to rinse?

Now this machine is just for washing purpose. You would definitely don’t want the extra soap to stay on your clothes. In that case you may pour fresh water in the tub and let it get washed for 2-3 minutes more. Remember to keep open the hose for the drainage purpose. I applied this technique and it really worked well.

I have been using this machine for about three weeks and there is no sign of glitch. It has become a helping hand of mine. The machine is perfect for the ones who are living alone. It basically reduces the “washing” stress!

Perfect machine at just $90

I think you will not get a better machine than this at just $90. It occupies minimum space and looks unique. When my friends arrived they asked about this machine. They thought that it is a stylish water filter! Then I told them that it’s a portable washing machine. My friends were literally shocked. They really liked the machine and praised it. I also showed them a demo! I hope Amazon will soon get a few more orders!

Worried whether to wring or not?

This machine has no facility of spinning. I do wring it because I can’t wait for 10-15 minutes to keep the clothes in the tub. However, if you don’t want to wring it then you can keep the clothes in the tub itself until the excess water drains out. I know that it is irksome to wring it, but you can definitely use this technique.

I advise everyone to use this new technology of washing clothes. If you hate washing clothes and want a quick solution, it is none other than the Panda small portable washing machine.

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