Hi, my name is Eloise Jennings from Spokane. Machines have always attracted me and I have had a long affair with them for some time now. I have always been intrigued by the very fact that how machines operate and with this I mean the portable washing machines. Since my childhood I have seen people using the big sized washing machines. Also, back at that time machines were pretty costly.

Machine that costs few dollars!

I thought how beneficial it would be if there would have been a machine that had easy portability and could serve all the singles and couples! I was always concerned about the low-income group as it would not have been possible for them to buy washing machines which are pretty expensive. Not only this, I was well aware of the fact that many students live in hostels and washing clothes on a daily basis would be a big headache. Also, a family of two will not like to have heavy sized washing machines as it would take up a lot of space and consume good amount of electricity.After I did mechanical engineering, I thought of going through the intricacies surrounding portable washing machines. The idea of washing clothes in a machine that costs just few dollars instantly grabbed my attention. I wanted to bring a ray of hope for the people who wanted ease and affordability of washing clothes.

How I review products

After I attended a training program to learn the basics, I had a good grasp over the design, quality and parts used in a washing machine. Hence, it became easy for me to review products. I have the capability to understand if the machine is up to the mark or not. Well, it is all because of my years of research. Everything I do is out of experience and not just by fluke.

I take help of the editorials and news and at the same time use the machine before I post a review.

test portable washer

The best way to get your clothes absolutely clean is by soaking it in the machine itself for 15-20 minutes. Use a good detergent and soak the clothes. Many people say that portable washing machines are not good at cleaning clothes. This is wrong. Even a normal washing machine will not clean your clothes until soak the clothes for some time.


Portable washing machines come in varieties.

compare portable washer

Yes, I love working on machines

I am regularly deluged with mails from customers who are interested to buy portable washing machines. I clear their doubts and confusion to help them buy the best product available in the market. I offer them few tips and knowledge about how to keep these machines well maintained which most of the experts won’t know! The reason behind my confidence is my experience.